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Hertfordshire’s renowned chef, Matt Hay is pleased to announce his latest venture for the people – Symply Bistro which launched earlier this week. 

Symply Bistro is a family run home delivery business that was launched by Matt during the pandemic, to help improve the wellbeing and mental health of his close friends and family. The seasonal dining at home experience utilises top quality, local ingredients and prepares them into beautifully cooked meals at the Symply Bistro Hertfordshire Kitchen based in Hertford.

Matt has had an incredible journey in the hospitality sector, and has worked in London with established restaurants such as Aubergine, L’Oranger, Rules and Daphnes. Over the past decade, Matt has been building his client portfolio, but now wants to deliver some happiness to the people on his Hertfordshire doorstep. 

Matt comments: “The last year has been hard-hitting for the hospitality sector, but it’s also meant that people haven’t been able to find enjoyment and happiness by visiting a restaurant. My passion for artisan and local food has taken me right back to my roots and encouraged my new venture. 

“Although restaurants are beginning to reopen, the evolution of takeaway dining has been dramatically shifted because of the pandemic. Restaurant quality food can be delivered to your door for cosy, intimate nights in with your loved ones.

“It’s so important to support local independent businesses right now, and Symply Bistro wants to encourage everyone to shop, eat and drink locally as much as possible. We use only the best artisan produce from around the county. Our regional cheese is hand-picked and ripened, our Bionic Bull coffee is specially roasted just 30 metres from our kitchen, and the seasonal fruit and vegetables are sourced from Hertfordshire growers and farmers.”

Matt is inspired by the amazing British seasonal larder, and is extremely passionate about the sourcing of ingredients, the endorsement of British suppliers close to home, environmental sustainability and animal welfare, all whilst supporting the local farming community too. 

Symply Bistro is driven by the inspiration of local produce and suppliers, so everything on the plate is used from the very best artisan ingredients on the Hertfordshire doorstep. 

So if you have a hectic life with little time to prepare a meal, or perhaps you want to plan a special dinner party for your friends and family – Symply Bistro will deliver restaurant quality meals that support local artisan producers and suppliers at the same time.

Lots more exciting news to follow, so keep up to date with the Symply Bistro journey on Facebook and Instagram, or visit for more information. 


For any further information, interview requests or imagery please email or call 07539494720. 

To access the media kit visit:

About Symply Bistro:

The background of Hertfordshire born chef Matt Hay has been an exciting journey of

working in some of the best restaurants in London including Aubergine, L’Oranger, Rules

and Daphnes. Matt spent over a decade building the client portfolio and improving food

standards for one of the largest British independent food companies, both in UK and

mainland Europe. But his passion for artisan, local, uncompromising standards in hospitality

took him back to his kitchen and beloved home countries.

Symply Bistro was created for a small circle of friends and family during the lockdown and

sprouted from the overwhelming need to share his passion for cooking and dining to

improve the wellbeing and mental health during challenging time going to restaurant was

just not possible.

Matt has created a seasonal dining experience, easy to execute at home from top quality,

local ingredients, prepared for guests in the Symply Bistro Hertfordshire Kitchen.

Our ethos is simple; you create the perfect environment and let us deliver beautifully

cooked, well sourced sustainable food and wine”.

We are not a third-party business outsourcing our food, but a family run business with Matt

very much in his element cooking his amazing recipes for you. Matt draws inspiration from

the amazing British seasonal larder and his vast culinary experience. 

Whether you have a hectic family life with little time to prepare a meal, plan a special night

in or a dinner party; or just love amazing food…we’ve got all your needs and desires