British Tailoring is the way forward for Sustainable Fashion 

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How can I be more sustainable in my everyday life?

This is the question that more and more people are asking whilst trying to make everyday lifestyle choices, be it whilst shopping in the supermarket, putting items in their household bins or choosing their next outfit.

Souster & Hicks is a British family tailoring business that was established in 1978 by husband-and-wife duo, Geoff, and Laura Souster. The business is based in the stunning Georgian village of Woburn, Bedfordshire. And since 1978, the business has continued to evolve with the times and has since gone on to inspire a new generation with sons Scott and Wes joining the team, alongside daughter-in-law Natalie completing the family-run business. 

One of the main business objectives has always been to promote sustainable clothing for customers to love for a lifetime, rather than what is considered ‘fast fashion’ that is found on the high street. 

British tailoring endorses keeping up with emerging fashion trends, but in an environmentally friendly way that doesn’t use low-quality materials, and fast, cheap labour services.  The garments, unlike fast fashion, last a much longer time and can be endorsed for decades rather than a matter of days, weeks, or months. 

Geoff Souster, Managing Director at Souster and Hicks comments: “Embracing a conscious and responsible way of dressing is at the forefront of the service that we provide for all our customers. That isn’t just about the garments we produce, but how they are manufactured and crafted too”. 

Souster and Hicks use the finest fabrics and the best natural trimmings from top trimming British merchants such as Bernstein and Banley and Richard James Weldon.

Bernstein and Banley has been established for over 65 years and take huge pride in being one of the leading suppliers for top quality linings, trimmings and haberdashery items for fashion designers, couture houses, dressmakers, bespoke tailors, and film/television companies.

Richard James Weldon is one of the oldest tailor’s trimmings merchants in Britain and has been established since 1826, supporting Savile Row tailoring. The company possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry and sources merchandise of the finest quality within the British tailoring industry. 

Geoff continues: “We have two tailoring options available at Souster and Hicks; made to measure which is computer cut and factory-made and bespoke which is crafted with talented hands. To this day, age-old techniques dating back hundreds of years are used to make bespoke suits. Although styles and fashions change, the method remains the same – and that’s one of sustainability and craftsmanship. 

“Starting from scratch, your measurements and posture are drafted onto brown paper using a set square, tape measure, chalk, and a very good eye. The suit is then cut by myself, Scott or Wes and the first basted fittings for you to try on are created. The garment is then checked over for fit and style before the basted fitting is ripped down to its pieces, re-cut and any final adjustments are then made. The result is your master pattern – this is the key to ensuring a bespoke and beautiful fit.

“On average, drafting the master pattern and cutting the suit takes up to half a day. From start to finish, anything from 55 hours and over 5,000 hand stitches go into making a truly bespoke and sustainable suit”.

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About Souster & Hicks Ltd: 

Souster & Hicks is a family business established in 1978 by the husband-and-wife team, Geoff and Laura Souster, based in a stunning Georgian building located in the beautiful village of Woburn in Bedfordshire. Geoff and Laura’s eldest son Scott joined the company back in 1999 and his younger son, Wes joined in 2003. Both Scott and Wes are fully trained in the art of bespoke cutting and tailoring and will continue the future of the Souster name within the tailoring world. Scott’s wife Natalie joined the company 7 years ago to help Laura with the ladies tailoring and look after the general running of the business. 

Geoff has a career spanning over 55 years, hand cutting more than 30,000 bespoke suits. Geoff was elected as the youngest ever National President of the Federation of Merchant Tailors in 1988, and works as a consultant helping to set up and improve the patterns created for made to measure manufacturers. Souster & Hicks create bespoke tailor-made suits, cut, and fitted on the premises and tailored to the same high standards as the world-renowned Savile Row tailors. For more information, please visit

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