A new Prime Minister bringing hope to Balkan state, Montenegro

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Montenegro is a tiny Balkan state, located on the Adriatic coast with a population of 650,000 inhabitants that has been ruled by the democratic progressive party for over 30 years.

The start of 2021 has seen a new Prime Minister, Zdravko Krivokapic, a moderate conservative take charge with a new party in power, and it has been a change that many thought was impossible.

Montenegro was governed from 1991 until 2020 by the DPS. The DPS, Milo Djukanovic is the successor to the League of Communists of Montenegro, which governed Montenegro when it was part of the former, Yugoslavia until declaring independence in 2006. 

The new Prime Minister has taken charge in Montenegro with a coalition party behind him, for the first time in over three decades. The country has a glimpse of a fresh Government, a new year and an awakening start for its residents.

The new Government also brings a coalition that includes Serbian nationalists and greens, and commands just 41 out of 81 seats in the parliament. After the elections took place back in August 2020, the new Prime Minister was introduced in December 2020, and the state already can see a positive yellow brick road ahead.

“It is clear that Montenegro has experienced a rebirth, a transformation which citizens will protect” said Mr Krivokapic from the capital Podgorica via a video link. Also comparing the victory to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. 

Expectations of the new Government are high, and the residents of the state are said to be embracing the change with open arms, new hope and excitement for the future.