Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York reads children’s storybook addressing COVID-19

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The Duchess of York is currently reading children’s storybooks on her Youtube channel ‘Story time with Fergie and Friends’ and today featured the fictional heroine Belinda Fitz-John.

‘WHAT’S GOING ON? Asked Belinda Fitz-John’ is a digital storybook for children aged 3 – 10 years, and it focuses on the current epidemic and helps children to recognise and name their feelings whilst offering them strategies to manage them.

Children across the world have been questioning why they are not allowed to play with their friends, attend school, visit grandparents and why they have to keep washing their hands. 

There are three incredibly talented mums behind the storybook, Donna Claire, Eleni Davis and Tamar Henry, and they each set out to create something informative, reassuring and illustrative for their own children.

Eleni commented: “We originally wanted to answer the questions of our own children, but soon realized that this fictional character could help so many other children across the world. Belinda is a fictional character, however she resonates with children everywhere. She is extremely relatable and has a very organic life and association with children and parents at this present time.

“There are millions of children that are questioning what is going on, and want answers that parents are not finding necessarily too easy to answer. Belinda gives children hope, comfort and unity in knowing that we are all in this together”.

‘WHAT’S GOING ON? Asked Belinda Fitz-John’ has featured on US, Australian and UK news outlets, and is already beginning to help parents around the world feel reassured in answering their children’s questions.

Eleni continued: “When we found out that The Duchess of York was reading our story on her Youtube channel ‘Story time with Fergie and Friends’, we were delighted and just happy to be able to share Belinda with a wider audience. Our mission continues to be, to help parents and children and spread some reassurance for any children feeling scared, unsure and anxious. Thank you, Sarah Ferguson, for helping us spread some positivity with Belinda”.

Watch Sarah Ferguson read the storybook here.