Brand new documentary ‘Boycie in Belgrade’ coming soon!

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John Challis sets off to Belgrade, Serbia in a bid to find out why Only Fools and Horses is the most popular TV show in Serbia – released on DVD and Blu-ray September 4th 2020.

In January 2020, John Challis known to many as ‘Boycie’ for his role in the beloved British comedy, Only Fools and Horses, sets out to the capital of Serbia to try and find out why the show was so popular to the people of the Balkan nation.

The popular BBC show was originally aired with subtitles, and many eastern Europeans have learnt the English language thanks to Del Boy, Rodney, Boycie and the rest of the cast. So it was about time to send one of the cast members to Belgrade to explore the trend in depth…introducing Wolf Entertainment’s 80 minute ‘Boycie in Belgrade’ documentary.

Watch the official trailer released today here:

Boycie is received as a national hero with visits to a Royal Palace, a crowded meet and greet in a shopping centre, a reunion with the iconic yellow reliant regal at an automobile museum, a presentation of an honorary Red Star FC shirt, amongst many other interesting stops on his journey.

It will come as no surprise that one of the many questions that Boycie gets asked during his exploratory trip is: “Vot are you doing here?’.

The uplifting documentary will show viewers what it’s like to be ‘Boycie in Belgrade’ and will provide entertainment, facts and a flood of fond Fools memories rushing back to the surface.



‘Everybody loves Only Fools and Horses, I didn’t know how big it is in the Balkans’

Ricky Hatton


‘That’s the last time I let Boycie go to Belgrade without me’

Sue Holderness (Marlene) *****


‘Serbians actually loving Only Fools and Horses, a must watch for any Fools fan or not’

Paul Chuckle


‘A genuinely interesting documentary with a showbiz twist. A terrific watch’

Nick Owen


‘Send him on a world tour, John was born to entertain’

Paul Martin

‘Boycie in Belgrade’ is set to release on DVD and Blu-ray on 4th September 2020, with signed copies from John Challis available on pre-order online.

In addition to the documentary a select range of merchandise and limited edition art has been commissioned to commemorate Boycie’s trip to Belgrade. There will be limited edition signed canvases, t-shirts, mugs, cushions, and even a limited edition Boycie’s 4 King Poker Set to choose from in time for Christmas. These can be purchased on the website and will be dispatched after the documentary release.

To watch the trailer, pre-order a DVD or Blu-ray copy of the documentary, pre-order the merchandise or simply for more information please visit